Brio Smart Coaster

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Drink Protection Smart Coaster
Now Available for iOS 10 and higher
Android Version Releasing Soon

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Always have eyes on your drink with the Brio Smart Coaster

Never have to rely on a friend to watch your drink again. Use Brio to protect your drink when you need to step away from it at a bar, club, or party.

Pair the Free Brio Smart Life App with a Brio Smart Coaster to gain access device exclusive features:

    • Guard Mode: Utilize Guard Mode a feature of the app that activates the Brio Smart Coaster’s drink safety technology. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing if something or someone disturbs your drink, you will be notified about it.
    • Don’t Lose Your Drink: Brio’s 24 LED lights distinguish your drink from others and help you get noticed in the crowd.
    • Entertain Your Entourage: Drinking games will never be the same again with Brio’s Interactive Light Games!

    • Brio features 24 interactive bright white LED lights that illuminate in an endless array of unique patterns.
    • Express your personality with Brio’s decorative inserts that you can customize to suit your mood.
    • The Brio Smart Coaster fits over most standard glassware to guard your drink.
    • Drink safety technology sends alerts to your mobile device if Brio has been moved.
Details & Includes

    • Product Details:
      Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x .32 in
      Weight: 1.3 oz
    • Easy Device Set Up: Pop in the battery, twist the battery cap to close, and pair to your Brio Smart Coaster.
    • Compatible with iOS 10 and higher, Android release coming soon.
    • Conveniently sized to fit into a purse or back pocket.
    • Each Brio smart coaster comes with decorative inserts to express the user’s own style and a CR2032 Coin Cell Battery.
    • Additional inserts, including custom-designed inserts, can be purchased separately.

Additional information

Weight1.3 oz
Dimensions3.8 × 3.8 × .32 in


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