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Brio has got your drink covered so you can Party Smart and Drink Safe

Technology Reimagining Nightlife

Meet Brio: The world’s first connected smart coaster & app designed to enhance a user’s social drinking experience.

Change the Way You Practice Drink Safety

Never have to rely on a friend to watch your drink again. Use Brio to protect your drink when you need to step away from it at a bar, club, or party.

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Easy Device Set Up

Easy Device Set Up

Pop in the battery, twist the battery cap to close, download the free app and pair it to your smart coaster - That's it!

Drink Secure Feature

Drink Secure Feature

Activate Brio’s Guard Mode feature to detect unwanted motion and alert you if someone has touched your drink.

Don’t Lose Your Drink

Don’t Lose Your Drink

Grab your Brio and Light it up! Brio’s 24 LED lights distinguish your drink from others and help you get noticed in the crowd.

Break the Ice

Break the Ice

Interact with other users and their Brios through Brio Actions like Group Hoots, various light patterns, and interactive games.

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