Summer Moonshine Cocktails That We Love [And You Will Too!]

Summer Moonshine Cocktails that you'll love!

There’s no match quite like Summer & Moonshine

Where White Lightning strikes, our glasses are sure to follow! These Moonshine Cocktails are the perfect shareable cocktails to pass around with your friends and family this summer.

Summer Moonshine Cocktails That We Love [And You Will Too!]

Moonshine, also known as “White Lightning”, used to be completely illegal to make [and still without the right permits]. But now, many former bootleggers, turned licensed distillers, have been building the market for legal moonshine over last decade or so.

Moonshine on its own can be pretty strong – after all it is a high-proof distilled spirit. It’s what I like to refer to as a head shaker the first time you sip it. Luckily, manufacturers infuse moonshine with all sorts of flavors if the original taste isn’t to your liking.

If you consider yourself a True Blue American, you’ve probably have tried moonshine at some point in your adult life. But if you haven’t, these moonshine cocktails are a great place to start!


Countrypolitan Moonshine Cocktail

Moonshine Cocktails for Summer Parties

Image / Recipe from // The Loveless Cafe

Hold on a minute there, Carrie Bradshaw! This moonshine infused Cosmopolitan will have you wanting to drive out to the country and enjoy some real R&R.


Apple Pie Shine

Image / Recipe from // The Little Epicurean

You know what they say, “there’s nothing is more American as Apple Pie!” And this Apple Pie moonshine cocktail is as delicious as a slice of homemade apple pie.


Front Porch Peach Tea

Moonshine Peach Tea


Talk about a real Southern mash up! This delicious blend of sweet tea, lemonade, and Peach Moonshine is as southern as a moonshine cocktail can get!


Moonshine Lemonade

Try this delicious Old Smokey Moonshine Lemonade

Image / Recipe from // Evite

Simple. Clean. Refreshing. This moonshine lemonade is a simple summer cocktail that you will want to have in your arsenal all summer long! They’re good frozen too!


The Habloma

Image / Recipe from // Scotch & Nonsense

This Honey Habanero Moonshine is the American cousin of the Paloma. This citrusy blend of sweet and spicy will kick up any summer get together!




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