Traditional Christmas Cocktails for the Holidays

Traditional Christmas Cocktails For The Holidays

Making the holidays bright with a sip

Nothing spreads cheer quite like these traditional Christmas cocktails that are perfect for the holidays.

Traditional Christmas Cocktails For The Holidays

No holiday gathering is complete without a signature cocktail or two. Luckily, the holidays are full of traditional cocktails from around the world for you to enjoy. These recipes are sure to warm and delight your spirits.



Glühwein recipe at Brio Smart Life

Image / Recipe from // Brio Smart Life

Glühwein, or mulled wine, is a holiday tradition around the world. It wouldn’t quite be Christmas without it. These spices fill the winter holiday season with delight and warmth, and this ultimate mulled wine recipe embodies the very flavors of the holidays.



Traditional Eggnog recipe at Brio Smart Life

Image // Brio Smart Life / Recipe from // The Spruce

Eggnog is a holiday classic cocktail that is synonymous with Christmas time. This alcohol infused egg punch has been enjoyed by people for centuries during the winter. You can find versions of eggnog around the world made with different kinds of alcohol from brandy to rum.


Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Tom and Jerry Cocktail recipe at Brio Smart Life

Image / Recipe from // Brio Smart Life

The Tom and Jerry cocktail puts a twist on classic eggnog by using rum and cognac instead of bourbon and by serving the cocktail hot. Additionally, while eggnog is very thick, the Tom and Jerry has a lighter, whipped texture.



Image / Recipe from // Like Mother Like Daughter

All ages can enjoy this delicious traditional holiday punch. The wintery blend of warming spices is similar to that of mulled wine but without the alcohol. If you are looking for an adult version of this cocktail, try our Spiked Mulled Cider recipe.


Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum recipe at Brio Smart Life

Image / Recipe from // Brio Smart Life

There’s nothing that quite spells out the Winter holidays like good ol’Hot Buttered Rum. If you’ve never tried hot buttered rum, keep an open mind and you might find yourself a new nightcap to enjoy all Fall and Winter long.


Hot Chocolate

Image / Recipe from // Brio Smart Life

We’re dreaming of a hot chocolate Christmas! But these spiked hot chocolate recipes are just for us kids at heart. You can’t go wrong with some spiked hot chocolate awesomeness!


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