6 Great Christmas Gifts for Drinkers

Top Christmas Gifts For Folks Who Drink

Deck the halls with these boozy gifts

Give the gift your booze loving friends and family can’t be without! These 6 gifts for drinkers are the perfects for the holidays.

6 Great Christmas Gifts for Drinkers

Want to give your uncle something other than the same old expensive whiskey again this year? Can’t think of a present for your wine loving cowoker? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of 6 unique booze related gifts to impress your friends and family this holiday season. These gifts will surely put a smile on the face of even the toughest Scrouges.


Wine Lock

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Keep those peskey sip thieves out of your wine with this clever little wine lock. The simple combination lock protects your wine and only the correct combination can open it. It also works with Liqour too!


Boozy Advent Calendars


Now this is how we want to ring in the holidays! Boozy Advent Calendars, like the 12 Nights of Wine calendar from VineBox, are great gifts for your drink loving friends and family. You can find ones for wine, whiskey, and even gin.


Fashionable Flasks

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You can really hide alcohol in just about anything these days. So why not get your friend a trendy bracelet flask! It’s stylish and hold 4 oz of your favorite libations. Not into jewelry? There are flask purses, ties, and other accessories that you can find.


Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

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Hey Tequila lovers, this one is for you. These Himalayan Salt shot glasses add a naturally salty note to your tequila, so all you need is the lime! These shot glasses are resuable with a quick rinse and wipe. They come in sets of three so you may want to get 2 for a complete set.


Brio Smart Coaster

The Brio Smart Coaster prevents Date Rape Drugs from getting in your drink

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The Brio Smart Coaster acts as your drink’s wingman and sends notifications to your smart phone if someone has messed with your drink. You can also play fun drinking games with the coaster’s 24 bright LED lights. Get yours here.


Fizzics Waytap


Turn any beer into a brewery-fresh pint using this home beer draft system. The system enhances the taste of your beer, kind of like how an aerator does for wine. Simply put a single beer can or bottle into the machine, and pour your beer straight from the tap.




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