Launching New Brio Drink Smart App

Get ready to change the way you practice Drink Safety

The Brio Smart Life team is happy to announce the launch of the newest version of the Brio Drink Smart App, formally known as the Brio Smart Life App.

Thanks to the feedback from you, our users, we have given Brio a major facelift and focused efforts down to the heart of Brio: Drink Safety.

Brio Guard Mode Alerts have been given priority in this newest update and will be much easier for users to access. We’ve also added functionality to add up to 6 friend contacts to be your Wingmen and receive Brio alert messages if you do not feel comfortable after a Guard Mode Alert is activated.

After extensive testing and lukewarm response to Brio’s social features, we have removed the Brio Social Network from the app. But we’ve kept your favorite Brio Light shows and Drinking Games for you to continue to enjoy and entertain you and your friends on a night out.

We are also bringing the World of Brio to Android users starting this January.

What can you expect from this update?

  • A brand new, redesigned, and simplified interface
  • Removal of unused Social Networking Features
  • Choose up to 6 friends to be your Brio Wingman contacts
  • Added Wingman alert notifications with location sharing
  • Compatability with Android devices

Brio Drink Smart App Now Available for iOS and Android!