The Brio Smart Coaster prevents Date Rape Drugs from getting in your drink

These Products are Challenging Date Rape Drugs

These 5 Gadgets Alert Potential Victims

With drink spiking on the rise, these products are challenging would-be bad guys by empowering their users against date rape drugs.

These Products are Challenging Date Rape Drugs

New lines of defense against drink spiking and date rape drugs have been making waves in the news for the last few years. Since 2014, researchers and product designers have been creating products that are tackling the problem of drink spiking head on.

The reality of encountering a spiked drink is startlingly high for college students. A 2016 study of three U.S. college campuses revealed that 1 in 13 students had reported or suspected that they had been drugged. While alcohol is still the most common date rape drug, researchers found that Rohypnol, Xanaz, Ecstacy (MDMA), and even Cocaine were being commonly used to spike drinks.

Many of these products are still in their research & development stages, while others are creating the foundations of the Drink Safe product marketplace.

From Nail Polish to Smart Straws, these innovative products look to empower their users against the potential dangers of date rape drugs in their drinks.


Drug detection at your fingertips…literally

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Probably one of the most hyped about products on our list, Undercover Colors is a nail polish that will change color if it comes in contact with date rape drugs.

This wearable technology was developed by a team of engineering students at North Carolina State University. Their idea is quite simple: Dip a finger into your drink and the nail polish will change color if it detects the presence of Rohypnol (“roofies”), Xanax, and GHB.

The FDA has been putting the breaks on products like this as the detection chemical comes in contact with skin and food. However, with a lot of investment capital at their back, the engineers of Undercover Colors are still pursuing the idea and promise big things in the future.


This Coaster Has Eyes On Your Drink When You Don’t

The Brio Smart Coaster prevents Date Rape Drugs from getting in your drink

Unlike the other products on this list, the Brio Smart Coaster, developed by New Potato Technologies, Inc., doesn’t test for date rape drugs; it prevents the drugs from getting in your drink in the first place.

The app controlled Brio Smart Coaster utilizes drink safety technology to detect motion of the device after it has been placed on a drink and the user activates “Guard Mode” in the app. If motion is detected the device triggers an alert notification to your phone and lights up the coaster’s 24 LED lights in a “caution” pattern.

The smart coaster can be stored in a purse or back pocket. Brio’s app is currently only available for iOS, but will be coming to Android in the not too distant future.


Sipping through this straw is a smart idea


What started as a contest entry, ended up skyrocketing these three young entrepreneurs into front page news with their idea of turning a straw into a weapon against date rape.

Their Smart Straws detect the most common date-rape drugs when the straw is placed in a drink. The straws will turn blue if they detect Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) or Ketamine in a nonalcoholic or alcoholic drink.

The Smart Straw is still in its infancy, but these young ladies are making headway by developing a business plan for their company and will keep pursuing their venture.


This coaster acts like a Drug Lab Kit

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The Drink Safe coaster from Drink Safe Technologies is currently the only product available that tests for two commonly used date rape drugs, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Ketamine.

To use it, you simply place droplets of your drink onto the test area and wait a few minutes to get the results [the circles will turn dark blue]. You have to wait until the test is dry to get results, so they ask that you be patient.

The Drink Safe coaster does not test for Rohypnol and other commonly used date rape drugs and might not work with certain cocktails, which may be a problem for some users.


A flashdrive look-alike can tell if your drink has been drugged


The Personal Drink ID, or for short, is a small device that, when immersed in a drink, can identify if the drink has been spiked. The device utilizes proven technology used by drug enforcement agencies to determine is date rape drugs are present in a drink.

Like the Brio Smart Coaster, this device utilizes LEDs and an app to alert a user if their drink is unsafe. If a drink is flagged as unsafe, an LED light on the device will turn red, and send an alert text to your phone.

They designed this flashdrive look-alike to be battery powered and reusable. You just need to rinse it with water [and occasionally with antibacterial soap] between uses.

Last December, their team received two grants from Canadian government agencies towards their research. Hopefully, with the funding and support of their government officials, the will become a reality.




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Wilmington City Council Approves Brunch Bill

Let there be Mimosas! Wilmington City Council Passes Brunch Bill

Brunch is about to get better in the Port City

ABC permit holders in the city of Wilmington will now be allowed to serve alcohol before noon!

New Hanover County Passes Brunch Bill

(Wilmington, NC) – We’ve got great news for brunch lovers in New Hanover County. Wilmington’s City Council unanimously voted to pass the “Brunch Bill“, allowing alcohol to be sold earlier on Sundays.

Before passing this bill, North Carolina businesses with ABC permits were not allowed to sell alcohol before noon. While the Brunch Bill was approved by Governor Roy Cooper in June, the General Assembly gave local governments the option to approve or deny the ordinance.

Two local restaurateurs spoke out in favor of the bill during a public hearing before the Council voted to pass the ordinance. All agreed that passing the bill would allow for increased sales revenue for local businesses, and help boost tourism in the city.

Wilmington joins in with other New Hanover County leaders in Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Surf City by passing this legislation. The City Council says the change will take effect immediately.

We will be enjoying a Mimosa or two next time we have brunch in the Port City. How about you?




Kellie, head blogger at Brio Smart Life

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Kellie – Head of Content Creation

Creative Director | Web Designer | Blogger | Sake Enthusiast | Resident Ginger

Brio Smart Coaster lit up on Bar

The Brio Smart Coaster: Technology Reimagining Nightlife

Social connectivity meets drink safety technology in Brio, the world’s first socially-connected smart drink coaster that offers drink protection along with interactive features and a social network.

Brio Smart Coaster, the world first socially connected smart coaster that acts as your wingman

(Wilmington, NC) – June 20, 2017 – New Potato Technologies, Inc. – a crowd favorite in app-enabled technology products – breaks new ground with the launch of Brio, a smart coaster that pairs an interactive app and drink safety technology to enhance a user’s social drinking experience.

The bar has been raised in the realm of cool drinking technology. Designed to bring people together in social settings while adding an extra layer of defense from drink tampering, the Brio Smart Coaster is now available for purchase.

The Brio Smart Coaster is conveniently sized to fit into a purse or back pocket, to be taken to restaurants, bars, or any nightlife establishment to spark new connections and provide a source of entertainment; all while helping the user keep track of his or her beverage.

Brio features 24 bright white LED lights that illuminate in unique patterns and comes with coaster inserts that express a user’s personality. Additional inserts, including custom-designed coasters, can be purchased separately.

By connecting the free Brio Smart Life App to their Brio Smart Coaster via Bluetooth, users have access to innovative and engaging features, including:

Introducing Brio: Technology Reinventing Your Night Out

  • Brio Mingle: Users create real-time reports that other users can use to guide their evening plans and find places or events that fit their Vibe.
  • Brio Actions: Brio can perform a multitude of actions with a simple tap, including “Find my Brio”, which allows users to locate their drink. Other games and customized light functions are also available.
  • Guard Mode: Place Brio on a drink and activate Guard Mode through the mobile app. If someone tampers with the drink, Brio will display a light sequence alarm and send a notification to their mobile device.

The Brio Smart Life app is currently available on the App Store for iOS devices and will be released for Android devices later this season.

For updates and more information, follow Brio on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @briosmartlife.




About New Potato Technologies

New Potato, located in sunny Wilmington, North Carolina, is a creative design firm that extends iOS and Android platforms into innovative areas, and specializes in electronic product development from concept to production.

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