Rise in demand is causing a shortage of Japanese Whisky

Popularity Crisis Causing Japanese Whisky Shortage

Japanese Whisky Going Dry

The increasing popularity of Japanese whisky is leading to empty shelves in duty-free & liquor stores in Japan. A speculated shortage of Premium Japanese whisky is imminent.

Popularity Crisis Causing Japanese Whisky Shortage

Image from Vinepair // Japanese duty-free and liquor stores experiencing a restocking crisis of premium Japanese Whiskies.

Sometimes immense popularity in the whisky world can be a bad thing. Japanese whisky producers, like Nikka and Suntory, are scrambling to meet the fever pitch rise in domestic and worldwide demand for premium Japanese whiskies.

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This UNCW Student is Taking A Stand Against Sexual Harassment in Local Bar Scene

The Fight Against Sexual Harassment Starts Here

This poster has a simple but powerful message: “It’s not just a slap on the *ss, It’s a crime.”

This UNCW Student is Looking to End Sexual Harassment in Local Bar Scene

Image from Elise Yost // Yost plans to work with Wilmington bar owners & managers to hang this sign in local establishments

If you’ve ever been a victim of inappropriate or unwanted touching while out at a bar, you’re not alone. Sadly, tales of someone being groped at a bar are a dime a dozen.

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Enjoy the classics! Try this easy classic lime margarita recipe.

Hold That Margarita! We Might Be Facing a Global Tequila Shortage

Tequila prices rise due to Agave shortage

Put down that Margarita! This might be a bitter cocktail to swallow.

Say It Ain't So! Global Tequila Shortage On Horizon

The next time you go out for margaritas, be prepared to dole out a lot more for your favorite Mexican Spirit. The Cause? The global rise in demand for pure Tequila is causing a shortage of the agave plant.

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How to protect your drink at a holiday party

How to Avoid Drink Spiking at Holiday Parties

Don’t let some Grinch ruin your party

Here’s how you can avoid having someone spike your drink at the holidays.

We all love to get extra festive for the holidays, but some individuals see this time of year as an easy way to take advantage of others. From the seemingly harmless lines of a classic Christmas Song to poorly thought through holiday campaigns, the concept of drink spiking is strangely engrained in media this time of year.

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Spotting the Signs of Drink Tampering

Look for these 6 Warning Signs

These 6 simple warning signs are important to look out for if you think your drink may have been tampered with.

Spotting The Signs Of Drink Tampering

Drink spiking can be a scary but foreign topic for some people. The “that will never happen to me” mentality is strong with younger generations, but can often backfire if you aren’t careful with your drink. Even if you turn away for just a few seconds, an unattended drink can be an invitation to a predator who is looking for an opportunity.

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How to Drink Smarter than you did in College

The Easy Guide to Smart Drinking

Drink Wisely, Weedhopper

Drinking smarter can be super easy if you follow these helpful tips.

Keeping track of how much your drink doesn't need to be a challenge.

Somewhere between the ages of 24 and 30, people lose their drive to go out and party, and adopt new ways to enjoy a drink with friends instead. It’s usually around this time when you also start to notice that the drink hits you harder than it did before…especially the next day.

As we get older, the reckless drinking habits we picked up in college take more of a toll on our bodies. Luckily, we can learn to undo those habits with a few easy tricks and get back to enjoying a drink or two without the nasty consequences.

While there’s no guaranteed level of drinking that’s absolutely risk-free, adopting these smart drinking habits can make all of the difference.


Take it Slow

There’s no need to rush. How fast your body absorbs alcohol relies on a few factors, including how quickly the alcohol is consumed. The faster you drink, the faster the feeling hits you and goes away, so you may find yourself slamming back another one quickly to keep that buzz going. That method can really backfire on you. If you drink a higher proof alcohol for over a half-hour to an hour long period, you will feel the effects longer and may not be tempted to drink more than you can handle.


Learn to sip, not binge

Going shot for shot with the guys/gals might have been fun in your early twenties, but it gets pretty rough as time goes on. Balancing out the quantity of how much you drink with how long you take to drink them can dramatically change how you feel afterward. You are less likely to order another cocktail while you already have one that you’re still working on. So, selectively sipping can help you cut down on how much you are drinking.


Don’t forget to Eat

You might think you’re saving on calories by passing on eating before imbibing on some cocktails, but trading calories isn’t the best idea. Having no food in your stomach can make you feel alcohol’s effects faster and make that ‘drunk’ feeling come on very strong. Eating food that has protein and/or fat helps to slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol, which helps mitigate the negative impacts of alcohol in the body.

Don’t forget that alcohol dehydrates you, so it’s always a good idea to drink some water between glasses.


Stick to Light or Clear Liquors

While I used to believe this was an Old Wives Tale, sticking with light or clear liquors can have a big impact on your likelihood to get a hangover. The darker your wine, beer, or spirit is the more likely there are extra compounds present. These extra compounds can be impurities picked up during the barrel aging process or derived from the fermenting of the skin of darker grapes. We often associate sulfites and tannins as the major culprits that cause the sensation we know as “Red Wine Headache.” It’s these extra compounds that add up to your nasty hangover.


If it bubbles, think twice

There’s no harm in popping a little bubbly for a special occasion. But watch out! Studies have shown that carbonated drinks & mixers, like Champagne, are absorbed by the body faster than other drinks. It also doesn’t help that too many of those sweet bubbly mixers can leave you with a wicked hangover. So, if you’ve ever thought those brunch mimosas go straight to your head, you’re probably right.


With the right adjustments, you can find your new sweet spot when it comes to drinking. If you want to explore taking alcohol out of your diet, that’s okay too.


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More Bartenders Are Working to Stop Sexual Harassment

Bartenders are Working to Stop Sexual Harassment

The Safe Bars Program empowers bartenders to shut down sexual harassment through training and education.

More Bartenders Are Working to Stop Sexual Harassment

Image from Safe Bars // Training bar staff to stand up against sexual violence

You’ve just finished getting ready for a night out with your friends at your favorite place. Only to be badgered by a stranger with unwanted attention once you get there. You feel unseasy, unsafe maybe, in that situation but are unsure of what to do next or how to get away.

Does this scene sound familiar? No one ever expects that something could happen to them while they’re out with friends, or worse by being taken advantage of in an altered state. But everything can change in a single moment.

The Safe Bars Program is training bartenders to recognize the signs and stop sexual harassment and date rape in its tracks. The program aims to teach bartenders the skills to assist their patrons out of potentially dangerous situations.

Think kind of like the “Angel Shot“, but with more of a hands on approach.

They educate bartenders and staff about bystander intervention techniques to defuse unwanted interaction between individuals – and if you’ve ever been a woman at a bar or club, that’s pretty common.

Research shows that one in four women will experience sexual assault of some kind in their lifetime, and the Safe Bars Program is helping to chip away at that statistic.

With more bartenders on the lookout for would be predators, you can feel a little bit safer during that next Tinder date.

For more information on the Safe Bars Program head over to their website to see how you and local establishments can get involved.




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Shaking It Up: How Women Changed the Alcohol Industry

The Alcohol Industry is no longer just a Good Ol’ Boys club. Meet these ladies who made great strides in the alcohol industry.

Shaking it up: How Women Changed the Alcohol Industry

Believe it or not: Women have been a major part of the Alcohol Industry since ancient times. Our oldest records of beer brewing can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where almost all beer brewing and selling activities were predominantly completed by women.

Centuries long after, the tradition of beer brewing continued to be done by the female members of the family, up until the turn of 19th century. When beer brewing became a commercial industry during the Industrial Revolution, Victorian values took women out of the Alcohol Industry to be replaced by men.

But not for long. Today, women are slowly making their way back into the industry that we love. Here are just some of the women who have changed the alcohol industry over the years, and proved the industry is no longer just a Good Ol’ Boys club.


Josephine Tychson

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // VinePair

The late 19th century Nappa Valley was no place for a woman vintner. That was until the “intrepid Victorian widow”, Josephine Tychson, began running a 147-acre Californian vineyard after the tragic death of her husband. Josephine juggled with the tasks of mourning her husband’s death, raising two children, and the struggles of building the St. Helena winery, the first woman owned and operated vineyard in California.

Josephine opened the door for American women to be pioneers in the Wine Industry, and the St. Helena vineyard still survives today under a new name, Freemark Abbey Winery.


“Moonshine Mary” & the Bootleggers

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // Chicago Tribune

When you think of the Prohibition Era, mobster owned alcohol smuggling syndicates come to mind. However, some of the most notorious bootleggers and rum runners happened to be women, such as “Moonshine Mary” Wazeniak & Stella Beloumant. Stella ran a bootlegging ring in Elko, Nevada, and was hounded by an entire Prohibition Enforcement task force. By the time she was arrested, Stella was sitting on a stockpile of illegal hootch.

“Moonshine Mary” ran a speakeasy out of her home, and was only caught after a patron of hers wound up dead in a bog from “poison alcohol” [which we know today as a side effect from bathtub gin]. The still running, bootlegging ladies of the Prohibition era, like Stella and Mary, kept the flow of liquor running and helped bring an end to America’s failed attempt at sobriety.


Ada Coleman

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // liquor.com

Today, it’s completely normal and common to see women bartenders. However, at the turn of the 20th Century, when Ada Coleman became Head Bartender of the American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London, it was nearly unheard of. Barmaids made up less than half of working bartenders, and people were trying to put an end to the profession for women altogether. But that didn’t stop Ada, who at 25 was “getting to old” to be a barmaid.

While at the Savoy, ‘Coley,’ as she was called, made quite a name for herself and invented the Hanky-Panky cocktail. Coley served patrons at the American bar for twenty-three years. Her position is now in the capable hands of Erik Lorincz. While only two women have ever held the position of Head Bartender at the Savoy Hotel, Ada proved that women can hold their own behind the bar.


Madeline Triffon

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // Detroit Eater

In the early 20th century, a woman Sommelier was a newsworthy story. Today, it’s a growing phenomenon, but one woman stands out in the crowd. Madeline Triffon was the first American woman to earn the prestigious tile of Master Sommelier, in 1987. While that was surprisingly only 30 years ago, Madeline helped smash the ‘glass ceiling’ of the Wine Industry and opened the door for female Sommeliers. Today, 25 out of the 149 professionals from The Court of Master Sommeliers’ American branch are women.


Robin and Andrea McBride

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // Centric Tv

Robin and Andrea McBride are just a couple of wine loving sisters from New Zealand who are changing the representation of women in the Wine Industry. Robin and Andrea are the first African-American sisters to own and operate a luxury wine company. Their company produces affordable luxury wine selections and are dedicated to Sustainable Wine growing practices in their New Zealand vineyards.


Heather Nelson

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // Whisky Intelligence

Our Whisky sister at heart, Heather Nelson, is working to become the first woman to open a Scotch Whisky Distillery. The Toulvaddie Distillery will be the first of its kind, as Heather plans to own and operate the area’s first legal distillery alone. The distillery is planning to begin operation sometime in 2017, and while we’ll have to wait until 2020 before we get to taste Toulvaddie’s first single malts, we’ll be eager to try it.


Cat Wiest & the Craft Beer Queens

Women Who Changed the Alcohol Industry

Image and reference from // Good Times

The Craft Beer Industry is a booming business today, and it’s where women like Cat Wiest, brewmaster of Seabright Brewery, have been making strides in the art of beer brewing. Like other women in the brewing business, she’s dealt with the “women don’t know beer” sexism that is still unfortunately prevalent in the industry. As brewmaster, she’s experimented with new techniques and flavors that have become popular among Craft Beer aficionados. These women have had a real influence on the flavors of the Craft Beer industry, and have brought women’s role in beer brewing back. Their ancestors would be proud!



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Drunk of Drugged: Spotting the Symptoms of Date Rape Drugs

Drunk or Drugged? Spotting the Symptoms to Watch For

Editor’s Note: This article contains material that may make survivors of drug-facilitated crimes feel uncomfortable or trigger flashbacks of their situation. Reader discretion is advised.

When you’re out drinking with friends and having a wonderful time, it’s easy to have a few too many. Often, you only realize this after you feel the influence alcohol is having on your body.

But what happens when you feel more than drunk? How can you tell if you think you’ve been drugged? Knowing the warning signs is the first step in helping yourself or someone else who has been drugged.

Take a look at this image. It’s just a cozy couple at a bar celebrating something, right? We see this all the time when we go out, and it’s not a situation we would think twice about.

Drunk vs. Drugged: Do You Know How to Tell the Difference?

Now, take a closer look at the picture above. Do you spot what’s wrong? If you missed the capsule in his hand, we don’t blame you. A predator will do whatever they can to distract you from the danger of your situation.

Drunk or Drugged: Do You Know How to Tell the Difference?

Alcohol and date rape drugs cause many of the same effects on the body, as both cause mental and physical impairment. The main difference is how severe the impairment is on one’s body.

Drunk or Drugged: Spotting the Symptoms of Date Rape Drugs

While alcohol can severely affect someone, it often takes numerous drinks before that occurs. Drugs, on the other hand, can start affecting someone in a few minutes (depending on the type).

One of the major signs that you have been drugged is if you haven’t had alcohol but feel drunk or if you have been drinking but the impact of alcohol feels extremely strong.

Date rape drugs are very potent and they take effect very quickly. Moreover, when the drugs are mixed with alcohol, they have an even stronger effect.

Spotting the Symptoms of Date Rape Drugs

In the unfortunate chance that you or a friend falls victim to being drugged, it is extremely helpful to be able to spot the symptoms to be able to identify the situation before any harm occurs. If you ever feel that something is not right with your body, make someone aware.

For a more in-depth description of the common date rape substances, the graphic below provides descriptions and symptoms.

Drunk or Drugged: Symptom Chart

If you suspect that you or one of your friends has been drugged, get to a hospital immediately as it is always better to be safe than sorry (cliché but true). And remember, always practice safe drinking habits as a preventative measure.

Check out the What Is Brio tab above to learn about an easy, innovative way to protect your drink while you’re out having fun.




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