200-year-old Underground Pub Discovered By Archaelogists

The Manchester Office Building Site Had a Hidden Gem Underneath

Archaeologists uncover the remains of a 19th-century public house under proposed Manchester high rise office building site.

200-year-old Underground Pub Discovered By Archaelogists in Manchester

via Manchester Evening News // Glass bottles discovered at the Astley Arms pub site. Some still filled with brandy.

The Manchester Evening News reported an interesting discovery underneath a proposed 13-story office building site in Manchester, UK. During an archaeological survey of the site, archaeologists unearthed the remains of the Astley Arms Pub, a bank vault, and several houses.

Site supervisor and senior archeologist, Aidan Turner, said that the buildings date back to the early 1800’s. They have also conducted online research into the family of the Astley Arm’s owner, Thomas Evans, who has a descendant that now resides in the state of Texas.

200-year-old Underground Pub Discovered By Archaelogists in Manchester

via Manchester Evening News // The foundations of an old bank vault and the pub found on the site on the corner of Port Street and Great Ancoats Street

The archaeologists also discovered pottery and bottles bearing the Astley Arms name, along with pipes, ink pots, keys, and other still intact bottles of brandy. The builders were astonished by the discovery.

Around 20 or so bottles were recovered according to James Alderson, site developer of Mulbury City. “And three or four of them are full of brandy,” he told the Manchester Evening News, “We opened the cork on a few and you can still smell it.”

Artifacts from the dig will be put on display at the Museum of Science and Industry. The fate of the bottles of Brandy is not yet known. What we want to know now is can you drink Brandy that is that old?

For more information on the Astley Arms Pub discovery check out the original article at the Manchester Evening News.


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