Death to the Straw: How Bars Are Going Green

Some bars are ditching straws

Your local watering whole might be more socially and environmentally conscious than you think. Many bars have been taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.

Death to the Straw: How Bars Are Going Green

Have you noticed that the straws at your local watering hole have gone missing? A couple of bars and restaurants here in the Port City area have been joining the movement to forego the straw in an effort to go green.

But this goes far beyond just having to ask for a straw. Sustainability and eco-conscious practices have become a quasi-mission statement for many bars across the country.

The idea of Going Green has been taking off more and more in bars since 2010 when the Green Restaurant Association saw a 20% increase in bars acquiring membership.

Bars have been taking many different steps to be more environmentally friendly, from rethinking their design to implementing sustainable water practices, and even increasing recycling efforts. Some bars are even going as far as limiting their stock of bottled and canned beers in favor of having beers on tap, decreasing their environmental footprint.

Not only do customers like to see bars/restaurants being environmentally conscious, many eco-friendly bars have seen a payoff in going green. The savings on in-house expenses, like water and electricity bills, maybe a draw to bar owners and managers to change their habits in and of itself. While these benefits vary, the trend of creating eco-friendly establishments and practices continues.

Want to make eco-friendly changes to your establishment or home bar? Check out this guide of things you can do to reduce your bar’s impact on the environment.

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