Simple Ways to Keep Track Of How Much You Drink

Keeping track of how much your drink doesn't need to be a challenge.

Do you know how much you drank last night?

It’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve been drinking at a party or when you are out with friends. But drinking more than you planned can add on a few extra pounds and other health problems if you overdo it too much.

Keeping track of how much your drink doesn’t need to be a challenge. If you’re looking to keep your drinking to a minimum, we’ve got a few simple ways to help you keep track of how much you drink.

Simple ways to keep track of your drinking when out with friends

Eat Before or While You’re Drinking

Having some food in your stomach can actually help you cut down on how much you’re drinking; it also helps with lessening a potential hangover. Food takes up room in your stomach, making less room for liquids, which should put your brain [and stomach] off to the idea of drinking more. It can help limit you to one or two drinks, without making yourself feel sick.

Wear Bangle Bracelets

This trick is simple and stylish! Find a set of bangle bracelets that you like, and correlate the bangles you wear with how much you want to drink. So if you only want to have three drinks, that’s three bangles. As you drink, move one bangle to the other wrist. When all of your bangles are on the opposite wrist, cut yourself off.

Drink Slowly

Sipping on a drink and making it last longer can help you stay on track with how much you want to drink. It works similarly to the idea if you eat slower, you feel full faster. Drinking slowly gives the brain time to feel satisfied and you might be less inclined to binge.

Keep a Written Tab

For some folks, writing down how much they’ve drank is a good way to keep them in check. You can keep a note card handy, or make a digital note on your phone.

There’s an App For That

In the digital age, people have thought of everything when it comes to Apps: That includes watching how much you are drinking! There are dozens of drink counting Apps out there, but here are a few that you might want to check out.

As a rule of thumb: Always keep an eye on your drink! The best way to drink responsibly is to drink safely.


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