What to Drink When You’re Drinking on a Diet

What to Drink When You’re Drinking on a Diet
What to Drink When You’re Drinking on a Diet


This warm weather means beach season is finally near!

It also means it’s time to get your body ready to squeeze into your swimsuits from last year. The best way to shed those winter pounds is to cut alcohol out of your diet…which if you’re anything like us, it is one of the saddest things to do. While drinking on a diet might seem like a fantasy, when done in moderation with a healthy diet and exercise, it is possible to splurge on a cocktail now and then. If you want to lose weight, but not cut out your favorite after work and weekend activity, we’ve put together a list of drinks you can still have when you’re drinking on a diet. After trying these tasty libations, all 170 calories or less, water and fruit will be your new go to mixers!

Drinking on a Diet: At the bar


Vodka and Water

Calories: 64

If you’re not a fan of drinking your liquor on the rocks, add in some water or Seltzer water. It helps cut down the burn from the alcohol, making it easier to drink. The great part is that there are only 64 calories in a single serving of vodka and 0 calories in water/Seltzer water – meaning you can have way more of these drinks versus a sugary cocktail. The water also helps hydrate you, to cut down the hangover pains the next day. This isn’t the tastiest drink, but squeeze in some added flavor with a lime wedge to make it more enjoyable.


Craft Beer

Calories: 81 – 150

Craft beer is all the rage right now. While most craft beers are high in alcohol and calories we found a few that are still tasty but not packed with all those calories.

Evil twin brewing Bikini beer– subtle hints of candied fruit and citrus, 81 calories

Boulevard Brewing Co, Pop Up IPA– one of the lowest calorie IPA’s you’ll find out there, notes of grapefruit, orange and pine needles, 139 calories

Harpoon Summer Beer– 148 calories, honeysuckle, honey, lemon

Don’t be afraid to ask your bartender if they carry any low calorie craft beers, but having one already in mind might make them like you better on a busy night. There are also plenty of low calorie beer alternatives from well known brands to choose from.



Calories: 85

What to Drink When You’re Drinking on a Diet

There’s a reason why they call Champagne giggle juice. It’s low in calories, but be forewarned – carbon dioxide in champagne speeds up alcohol absorption, which makes you feel drunker faster. The carbonated bubbles in champagne can also lead to a wicked hangover after a few too many. If you don’t like the taste of champagne on it’s own, you can find low calories juices or fruits to mix it with. Low calorie mimosas for brunch, anyone?


Red Wine

Calories: 120

We all know that red wine has heart healthy benefits. But did you know it could help you lose weight? A new study from the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that a compound found in red wine can actually block the growth of fat cells. Red wine can range in calories by alcohol volume, so we found two that you might care to sample out at the wine bar:

Light Alcohol (under 13.5% ABV)
Cupcake Vineyards Chianti – 111 calories

High Alcohol (over 13.5% ABV)
Yellow Tail Shiraz – 120 calories

Wine can still be your best friend while you’re on a diet. Everything with moderation as they say.


Whiskey Ginger

Calories: 109

Whiskey drinkers rejoice! You don’t have to give up your favorite spirits just yet. Whiskey and ginger ale is a tasty classic cocktail – that also happens to be low in calories. Remember not all whiskeys are made equal in terms of taste, and be careful of ginger ales that have high sugar content. Zevia and Honest Fizz Organic Golden Ginger Ales are great low-calorie ginger ale options to use to make this cocktail.


Drinking on a Diet: At Home


Coconut Margarita

Calories: 100
via My Crazy Good Life

Did you know most margaritas have around 500 calories?! That will definitely make you reconsider having margarita Monday’s every week. Thankfully we found one that is only 100 calories and is just as tasty, so you won’t be feeling guilty Tuesday morning’s anymore!


Strawberry Mojito

Calories: 80
via Everyday Health

What to Drink When You’re Drinking on a Diet

Mojitos are perfect for sipping on, on a hot spring day. The trick to this homemade Mojito is using fruits to sweeten the cocktail instead of sugary syrups. If you want to make this drink a little stronger, we recommend cutting the amount of club soda in half. This cocktail recipe call for a lot of extra lime, so you might want to experiment with it a bit.


Pina Colada Cooler

Calories: 165
via fitness magazine

Everyone loves a good Pina Colada on vacation or laying by the pool. Unfortunately Pina Colada’s are one of the highest caloric drinks you can get with about 640 calories in them!! With those calories you might as well be eating a Quarter Pounder from McDonalds! No one wants to reach their caloric limit in one drink so we found an alternative with only 165 calories in them.


Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

Calories: 116.5
via Minimalist Baker

This refreshing cocktails tastes like a sophisticated limeade, and is low in calories. Cucumbers and mint are used in detox waters to flush out toxins. They act in the same fashion in this cocktail by adding hydration back into your system, and adding a spa water like effect. If you like gin and tonics you are going to love this cocktail.


White Wine Spritzer

Calories: 75
via Weary Chef

This white wine spritzer is a delicious bubbly combination of white wine, seltzer, and berries. You can sip on these all day without the guilt. This cocktail is easy on both your waist line and your wallet for when you’re drinking on a diet.


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