Why Every Woman Needs to Know About the ‘Angel Shot’

Why Every Woman Needs to Know About the "Angel Shot"

Ladies can feel safer knowing there’s an Angel on their side

Having a bad date or feeling unsafe? Bartenders are forming secret codes to help get their female patrons out of sticky or potentially dangerous situations.

Ordering this shot could save your from a sticky situation

With the rise of drug-facilitated date rape stories in the news, many women feel unsafe while out on a bar date. But now, thanks to the clever thinking of bartenders everywhere, ladies can feel a little safer meeting their Tinder matches for a drink.

Bars and restaurants across the globe are forming secret codes to help their female patrons get out of sticky situations. The “angel shot” at the Iberian Rooster restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL is one of those secret codes.

Now this shot isn’t the alcoholic kind – it’s a discrete way for you to tell the bartender you need help. There are a few different ways you can order your “angel shot” that has a specific meaning:

  • An angel shot neat – A bartender will escort you to your car.
  • An angel shot with ice – The bartender will call a taxi or Uber for you.
  • An angel shot with lime – The restaurant staff will alert the police.

According to the restaurant’s owner, Russell Andrade, no one has yet to order an angel shot – which is definitely a good sign. A similar safety code called “Ask for Angela” was the inspiration behind the angel shot.

Why Every Woman Needs to Know About the

Image from Isobel O’Brien/Twitter // Lincolnshire ask for ‘Angel’ poster

“Ask for Angela” was a poster campaign created by The Lincolnshire Rape Crisis center to help women discretely inform the bar staff that she feels unsafe. The staff will then help you out without making too much of a fuss.

Hopefully, more movements like these will continue to grow and spread to more establishments across the country.



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