How to Avoid Drink Spiking at Holiday Parties

How to protect your drink at a holiday party

Don’t let some Grinch ruin your party

Here’s how you can avoid having someone spike your drink at the holidays.

We all love to get extra festive for the holidays, but some individuals see this time of year as an easy way to take advantage of others. From the seemingly harmless lines of a classic Christmas Song to poorly thought through holiday campaigns, the concept of drink spiking is strangely engrained in media this time of year.

Just because you don’t think you’re at risk of drink spiking, doesn’t mean you should not protect yourself. After all, you may not realize your drink has been spiked by smelling or tasting it. Here are just some of their safety suggestions for you to put into practice when you go out:

Be alert to your surroundings

Whether you are at an office party, bar, club, or house party, you should always be aware of what is going on around you. It can be hard to notice if something is amiss in large gatherings, especially if you’ve been drinking. Scan the room, space out your drinks, hang out with your sober friend, and keep an eye on your friends and their drinks. It may be cliché, but the buddy system works wonders.


Get Your Own Drinks

It might be flattering to have a stranger or friend buy you a drink, but it can also be an invitation to put yourself in a sticky situation. It’s always a good idea to get your own drink so that you can either make it yourself, watch the bartender make it, or have the waitstaff bring it to you directly from the bar. The fewer hands that touch your drink the better.


Don’t Leave Your Drink Alone

An unattended drink is an easy target for someone looking to spike a drink as a prank or otherwise. Never leave your drink alone, but if you do, get a new one.


Don’t take sips from someone else’s drink

While you might be a rather attentive individual, your friend might not. Never bum a drink off from someone you don’t know. You never know what is in their drink, and just because someone else can handle it doesn’t mean you can. If you can’t remember what drink is yours, get a new one.


Order something that comes in a bottle or can

This might sound like a no-brainer, but drinks that come in a bottle are harder to gain access too. There is no large rim or extra room for someone to slip something inside. Someone would have to really invade your personal space or take your drink from you while you’re drinking it. But if they’re that close to you, you’re more than likely going to notice them.

The Brio Smart Coaster prevents Date Rape Drugs from getting in your drink

Cover your drink with Brio

The app-controlled Brio Smart Coaster utilizes drink safety technology to detect motion of the device after it has been placed on a drink and the user activates “Guard Mode” in the app. If motion is detected the device triggers an alert notification to your phone and lights up the coaster’s 24 LED lights in a “caution” pattern.


Stop drinking if you think something is wrong

If you or someone you know starts to feel strange or overly drunk suddenly, stop drinking what you have and bring it to someone’s attention. Medical attention maybe required under certain circumstance, and should be sought right away.

Be sure to always trust your instincts. If you feel that something isn’t right with your drink, you might be right.


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