Spotting the Signs of Drink Tampering

Look for these 6 Warning Signs

These 6 simple warning signs are important to look out for if you think your drink may have been tampered with.

Spotting The Signs Of Drink Tampering

Drink spiking can be a scary but foreign topic for some people. The “that will never happen to me” mentality is strong with younger generations, but can often backfire if you aren’t careful with your drink. Even if you turn away for just a few seconds, an unattended drink can be an invitation to a predator who is looking for an opportunity.

But not all incidents of drink spiking involve slipping a drug like Rohypnol, GHB, or Ketamine into a drink. The most common thing slipped into someone’s drink is [additional] alcohol. These different substances will have varying effects on you and your drink, which can be strengthened when mixed with alcohol.

You might not even notice you’ve been drugged until the next day. And unfortunately, these predators are harder to catch than you’d think. If you think your drink has been messed with, check for these common warning signs:


Cloudy Appearance

Look at the appearance of your drink. Notice something different? Dump it out. While not all date rape drugs are visible when they are slipped into a drink, some can leave a cloudy appearance as it dissolves or mixes into a drink.


Strange or Different Taste

If you notice your cocktail tastes different, stop drinking it immediately. GHB might not be visible in your drink, but it can have a bitter or salty taste. The same applies to alcohol, which can alter the taste or make the drink taste stronger. If your drink doesn’t taste the same way you left it, get rid of it.


Unusual Bubbling

Unusual bubbling is a strong indicator that something may have been slipped into your drink, especially if your cocktail wasn’t carbonated in the first place. This may be harder to notice in drinks that use soda or tonic.


Change in Position

Be very wary of continuing with a drink that has been moved from where you left it. There’s no guarantee that it was moved by someone you know, the bartender, or a predator. Err on the side of caution with a drink that has been moved and get a new one.


Missing straw, napkin, or garnish

To gain better access to your drink, a predator might move or remove straws, napkins [if you covered it], or garnishes that get in the way. If something is missing from your drink, bring it up with a friend to rule out that they might have taken the missing item and if it wasn’t them, get a new cocktail.


Look for a change in color

A drastic change in the color of your drink can be an indicator that something has been added to it. Newer versions of Rohypnol can change lighter color drinks bright blue. If you notice your water or clear colored liquors have suddenly changed color, bring it to the bartender or manager’s attention.


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