Guard Mode Help

What is Guard Mode?

Sal explains Brio's Guard Mode Feature

Guard Mode is a feature in the Brio app that activates the Brio Smart Coaster’s drink safety technology. Brio Guard Mode utilizes movement detection to monitor your drink while you aren’t watching it.

By placing your Brio Smart Coaster on top of your glass and activating Guard Mode in the App, you can have the peace of mind of knowing if something or someone disturbs your drink, you will be notified about it.

When unwanted motion of the device is detected, Guard Mode will trigger Brio’s Drink Safety notifications, sending a notification to your phone and activating the alarm light pattern on your coaster.

Always have eyes on your drink with Brio’s Guard Mode Feature.

How Does Guard Mode Work?

Brio Smart Coaster is Easy to Set Up

Position Your Brio

Place Brio down on top of your drink, making sure that covers the whole rim of the glass. Be aware, Brio is compatable with most standard glassware, but might not work with glasses with rims over a certain size.

Brio Guard Mode Keeps an Eye on Your Drink

Activate Guard Mode

Open the Brio App and navigate to the Guard Mode screen. Click on any part of the circle to activate Guard Mode. The app circle will spin and Brio lights will circle, then blink. When you have successfully entered Guard Mode, the screen will display “ARMED – your drink is protected”.

Brio Smart Coaster Identifies Your Drink

Go About Your Business

While Guard Mode is active, the Brio Coaster will monitor movement and the lights will pulse slowly. If movement is detected, the alarm is triggered. You will receive notification on your phone that your Brio has been moved.

What is a Trigger?

Alarm triggers occur when Brio is in Guard Mode and detects that is has been moved in some way. A Trigger Event can be caused by numerous things that you may want to pay attention to.

Brio Smart Coaster is Easy to Set Up

Physical Movement

Someone may have tampered with or moved your drink.

Brio Guard Mode Keeps an Eye on Your Drink

Close Aggressive Pounding

Someone may have pounded repeatedly on the bar/table in close vicinity of your drink, accidentally triggering an alarm.

Brio Smart Coaster Identifies Your Drink

Not Deactivating Guard Mode

Oops – Did you pick up Brio before deactivating Guard Mode?

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