The 10 Best Cocktails for Saint Patrick’s Day

Irish Eyes will be smiling alright

Saint Patrick’s Day cocktails are often green or made with whiskey, and we absolutely love the creative mixology that is brought about by this holiday! Here are some of our favorite cocktails to get you in the Irish spirit.

10 of the best cocktails for Saint Patrick's Day

As soon as March comes around, the Brio Blog becomes host to a number of cocktails for Saint Patrick’s Day. Some are your conventional green or Irish Whiskey cocktails, while others experiment with liquors you don’t typically associate with the Emerald Isle.

So, whether you’re looking for a signature cocktail for your Saint Patrick’s Day party, or just sick of boring green beer, this list of cocktails for Saint Patrick’s Day is sure to put a jig in your step.


Irish Redhead

Image / Recipe from // Brio Drink of the week

When it comes to Whiskey Cocktails, the Irish Redhead is simply one of our favorites. It’s also one of the Brio Blog’s most popular cocktail creations. With a flavor palate that is fairly similar to a Whiskey Ginger, the Irish Redhead cocktail gets its stamp of approval from our very own resident ginger.


Tipperary Cocktail

Image / Recipe from //

When you want to put an Irish spin on any cocktail, it usually means adding in Irish Whiskey, and this Tipperary Cocktail did just that. Named after County Tipperary, this twist on the Bijou cocktail nixed gin in favor of Jameson and we couldn’t love it more!


Shamrock Sour Cocktail

Image // Brio Drink of the week / Recipe from // Pizzazzerie

This cocktail originally came to us from Courtney from Pizzazzerie. The Shamrock Sour recipe is a fun take on the traditional Whiskey Sour, which calls for Irish Whiskey and green food coloring. If you want a very green cocktail for Saint Patrick’s Day, this would be the one.


The Irish Derby

Image / Recipe from // Serious Eats

This cocktail might not be green, but it sure will do the trick. Irish whiskey is the star of this vintage cocktail mashup. Drink enough of these Derbies and you will surely be the life of the Céilí this Saint Patrick’s Day.


Basil Gin Smash

Image / Recipe from // Brio Drink of the week

No need to go green with envy over someone else’s cocktail! The Basil Gin Smash makes a delicious Saint Patrick’s Day cocktail alternative for folks who aren’t fans of Whiskey. Made with Hendrick’s Gin, it ain’t your Daddy’s Saint Patrick’s Day cocktail.


Irish Julep

Image / Recipe from // Real House Moms

When it comes to making cocktails for Saint Patrick’s Day, many are variations of American favorites, like this take on the Mint Julep. You never know, you might like it better this way.


Mint Gin Spritz

Image / Recipe from // Brio Drink of the week

The Mint Gin Spritz is an excellent whiskey alternative for a Saint Patrick’s Day cocktail. It’s simple, a little green, and seriously refreshing. This herbaceous and effervescent cocktail is sure to tickle your fancy.


Irish Coffee

Image / Recipe from // Brio Drink of the week

Who would like a Tipple for dessert? This Irish Coffee recipe is one of our absolute favorite nightcap cocktails. You’ll be cuddled up on the couch watching The Quiet Man enjoying this bevy in no time.


Irish Cream & Mint Iced Mocha

Image / Recipe from // Frugal Foodie Mama

If you have a bit of a cocktail sweet tooth, this Irish Cream & mint Iced Mocha will do just the trick. How can you go wrong with chocolate, mint, coffee, and Baileys Irish cream? You just can’t!


The Baby “Guinness” Shot

Image / Recipe from // Creative Culinary

Who doesn’t love a good pint of Guinness now and then? Well, it might not be a real wee-baby Guinness, but this floated shot layers chilled Bailey’s Irish Creme Liqueur on top of Kahlua to create that iconic Guinness look.



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