Spring Cleaning Tricks Using Alcohol

Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Interesting Uses for Alcohol

Spring Cleaning tricks using alcohol

Getting ready to do some spring cleaning? Put down that bottle of Silver Polish, and grab a bottle of Vodka.

Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Interesting Household Uses for Alcohol


Yeah, you read that right. Almost everything you need to accomplish your spring cleaning tasks can be found in your liquor cabinet. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals to get rid of your biggest messes.

You might be surprised how else you can use your favorite liquor, wine, and beer around the house. These are just a few interesting household uses for alcohol that you don’t know about yet.

Your liquor cabinet might just be holding the keys to making your spring cleaning tasks much easier.


Streak-Free Shiny Windows and Mirrors

Save on the Windex and fill a spray bottle with a mixture of vodka and water to clean your windows instead. Wipe away for a streak-free shine. The Vodka-Water cleaner makes a great glass cleaner too.


Clothing Stains Meet Your Match

Saving your laundry from makeup or oil stains could as simple as soaking the spot in Tequila. The alcohol helps to dissolve the oil, allowing you to remove the stain in your favorite shirt. Remember to put a towel down under the garment you are spot soaking to protect your surfaces.

You can also use vodka to blot remove red wine and grass stains from clothing. Spray the spot with vodka, rinse with water. This process might take a few rounds.


Shower Mold Be Gone

Fill a spray bottle with gin and spray it onto the mold in your shower. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wash away with warm water to remove.


Bye Bye Toilet Rings

Mary Findley, the green-cleaning expert of Go Clean, suggests using 1/2 cup of vodka once a month in your toilet. The Vodka helps to keep those ugly rings from forming in your toilet, as it acts like a disinfectant. You can use it to clean your toilet seat too while you are at it.


Clean Your Jewelry

Believe it or not, soaking your silver or stone-studded jewelry in vodka, for about 10-20 minutes, and will bring them back to their sparkling selves. Sotheby’s Diamonds says soaking a diamond ring in a shot glass of vodka for a few hours, and rinsing it with warm water will dissolve dirt attached to your diamond.

This is not recommended for your opals and pearls!


Perk Up Your Plants

Don’t sacrifice an Aspirin tablet to the flower gods again! You can use Vodka and Beer to keep your plants from drooping. Pouring a little bit of beer into flower beds and pots perks plants and flowers back up. While mixing a tablespoon of vodka and sugar to a flower vase can help elongate the life of fresh cut flowers.

Vodka can also be used to keep pests off of your waxy leaf plants, instead of pesticides. Dip a cotton ball into vodka and dab it onto the waxy leaves to keep the aphids away. You can also do this with Christmas trees, later in the year, using a spray bottle.


When the spring cleaning is done, treat yourself to a Drink of the Week cocktail. You’ve earned it.

Spring Cleaning Tricks Using Alcohol

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