The 5 Best Daiquiri Recipes you need for Daiquiri Day

The 5 Best Recipes You Need For Daiquiri Day

Break out the Rum! It’s Daiquiri Day!

When it comes to cocktails, Americans have a fond love for Daiquiris. With all different kinds to choose from, why just have one? Try all 5 of these best recipes to celebrate Daiquiri Day!

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This simple rum cocktail is the only shaken cocktail you need this summer!

Making A Classic Daiquiri

The Tangy Cocktail Classic that Stole America’s Heart

Americans sure love our Daiquiris. This simple cocktail of rum, lime juice, and sugar is the one classic cocktail you need during the summer!

Making a classic Lime Daiquiri

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Strawberry Daiquiri

Not exactly the classic recipe but still an American Classic

Daiquiris have been an American favorite since World War II, and with so many flavors to choose from we can see exactly why.

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