More Bartenders Are Working to Stop Sexual Harassment

Bartenders are Working to Stop Sexual Harassment

The Safe Bars Program empowers bartenders to shut down sexual harassment through training and education.

More Bartenders Are Working to Stop Sexual Harassment

Image from Safe Bars // Training bar staff to stand up against sexual violence

You’ve just finished getting ready for a night out with your friends at your favorite place. Only to be badgered by a stranger with unwanted attention once you get there. You feel unseasy, unsafe maybe, in that situation but are unsure of what to do next or how to get away.

Does this scene sound familiar? No one ever expects that something could happen to them while they’re out with friends, or worse by being taken advantage of in an altered state. But everything can change in a single moment.

The Safe Bars Program is training bartenders to recognize the signs and stop sexual harassment and date rape in its tracks. The program aims to teach bartenders the skills to assist their patrons out of potentially dangerous situations.

Think kind of like the “Angel Shot“, but with more of a hands on approach.

They educate bartenders and staff about bystander intervention techniques to defuse unwanted interaction between individuals – and if you’ve ever been a woman at a bar or club, that’s pretty common.

Research shows that one in four women will experience sexual assault of some kind in their lifetime, and the Safe Bars Program is helping to chip away at that statistic.

With more bartenders on the lookout for would be predators, you can feel a little bit safer during that next Tinder date.

For more information on the Safe Bars Program head over to their website to see how you and local establishments can get involved.




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New Saliva Test detects date rape drugs

New simple saliva test detects ‘date rape’ drugs in minutes

The New Test Can Detect 6 Date Rape Drugs

Researchers at Loughborough University, UK and the University of Cordoba, Spain have developed a simple saliva test that can differentiate between victims of the ‘date rape’ drug GHB and those poisoned by counterfeit alcohol.


The saliva test detects the presence of methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol, propan 1,3 glycol and -hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). GHB is a central nervous system depressant that is slipped into a victim’s drink to numb their senses or render them unconscious. Unlike other ‘date rape’ drugs that can last in the victim’s system for up to 72 hours, GHB leaves a victim’s body within 12 hours of being taken.

Methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol, and propan 1,3 glycol are industrial chemicals sometimes found in counterfeit alcohol. These substances can have numerous harmful effects on the victim, and early detection is vital for gathering evidence in cases of drug-facilitated assault or robbery.

“This new test looks for alcohols and poisons in human saliva,” explained Loughborough Professor of Analytical Science, Paul Thomas. Scientists behind the new method claim it will be as simple as taking a temperature with a thermometer. This new test will allow medical staff to quickly diagnosis GHB or alcohol poisoning in apparently drunk patients.

The researchers are now working towards clinical trials in hospital emergency departments, where the test will be put through its paces in a real-life setting.

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