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Our Top Tips for Pairing Wine and Cheese

Cheese and wine is a way of life!

Foodies and Wine Lovers everywhere agree, cheese and wine are made for each other. Here are our top tips for harmoniously pairing wine and cheese.

Our Top Tips for Pairing Wine and Cheese

Pairing cheese and wine is an ancient culinary tradition. And every wine enthusiast should have a basic understanding of how to pair their favorite wines with cheeses. Knowing which wines pair well with cheese comes down to a few things like temperature, flavor, and body of both the wine and the cheese.

Here are some of the best ways to pair wine and cheese together for every wine and cheese lover.

Know the best temperature to serve your wine and cheese

Much like with wine, the flavors and smells of cheese can change based on the temperature they are served. Many taste better when served close to or at room temp, so it’s a good idea to let cheese rest out of the fridge before serving.

Sparkling wines, whites, and Rosés are best when served cold, between 45 and 55 degrees. Reds, on the other hand, are better when served close to, but not exactly at, room temperature at about 62 to 68 degrees.

Best temperature for this cheese: White Cheddar – Room temperature

Best temperature for this wine: Cabernet Franc – Chilled 15 minutes, served at 60°F


Soft Cheeses Call for lighter-styled wines

Need a wine to enjoy with some nice brie? Lighter-styled wines, whites and light-bodied reds, make great flavor partners to softer cheeses. These creamy, more delicate cheeses like brie and ricotta can be easily over powered by fuller-bodied wines, so you might want to stay away from your Cabs and pick up a Pinot Noir instead.

Try this pairing: Moscato – Brie

Try this pairing: Chardonnay – Havarti


Serve Semi-Soft Cheese with dessert wines

The fruity and hearty flavors of dessert wines pair excellently with the mild flavors of semi-soft cheeses. These cheeses are often served warm, over food, which makes the temperature of your wine an important consideration, as many dessert wines are served chilled between 45 and 55 degrees.

Try this pairing: Riesling – Gouda

Try this pairing: Zinfandel – Gorgonzola


It’s all about the bod with firm cheeses

That’s a great way to remember that when dealing with firm cheese it’s best to stick with sweet and full-bodied wines. Firm cheeses often have sharper tastes with nutty flavors that pair well with the sweet wines. Many extra firm cheeses have sharp and salty testes, which is best enjoyed with a medium-bodied wine.

Try this pairing: Sweet White – Swiss

Try this pairing: Merlot – Jarlsberg



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