Kentucky Derby Party Essentials

Plan a Triple Crown Worthy Derby Party

These Kentucky Derby party essentials are sure to win you the Triple Crown of party planning.

Kentucky Derby Party Essentials


1. Mint Juleps

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Mint Juleps are the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby and are a southern springtime staple cocktail. Almost 120,000 Mint Juleps are served at the Churchill Downs Racetrack over the two days of the Kentucky Derby. You can’t have a party without them. Get the recipe from Brio


2. Bacon Pimento Cheese Puffs

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

If you are from the south, you know we have an unholy obsession with pimento cheese…and bacon. These awesome little pastry puffs are a great way to do away with boring cheese and cracker plates for good. You guests will love them! Get the recipe from the blond cook


3. Bourbon Tasting Bar

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Having a bourbon tasting bar is a great addition to any Kentucky Derby party. Your guests can sip on some fine bourbon while they wait for the show to get on the road. You can even label the cups with the names of this year’s ponies and see which one comes out on top. Get the set up from Celebrations at home


4. Mint Julep Cupcakes

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Why not do something completely different and bake your Mint Juleps instead! These mint julep cupcakes are a sugary grown up treat that will be the envy of your dessert table. Get the recipe from


5. Benedictine Tea Sandwiches

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Benedictine spread is another one of those classic Kentucky Derby foods that no party could do without. These horse-shoe shaped tea sandwiches give Benedictine spread new life, are really cute too.
Get the recipe from Tea Time Magazine


6. Kentucky Hot Brown Mac and Cheese

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Upgrade your Kentucky Hot Browns with this fantastic Mac and Cheese side dish. It is a delicious alternative to classic hot browns that you serve on crackers or as sliders.
Get the recipe from Foodtastic Mom


7. Kentucky Derby Pie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Personally, I don’t like baking pies, so having a pie alternative is always part of my game plan. These cookie bars have all the Kentucky Derby Pie flavor stuffed into a tiny more portable package. You don’t even need a plate. Get the recipe from half baked harvest


8. Derby Julep Lemonade

Essential Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

This Mocktail is great to get the kids into the Derby spirit. It’s also the perfect refreshment for any non-drinkers at the party. I would rather use fresh squeezed lemon juice for this lemonade instead of the Crystal Light Lemonade like the recipe suggests though. Get the recipe from hot beauty health


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