Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Bar Instruments

Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Cocktail Tools

Add these 5 Cocktail Tool Hacks to your at home bartending skills

Let’s face it. Not all of us have a complete bar at home, stocked with all the tools of the trade. But never fear! Your kitchen holds the key to at home bartending success.

Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Bar Instruments

Picture this: You get the idea to make a fancy cocktail at home, like this Manhattan cocktail, that you’ve found on Pinterest. You’ve read over the ingredients and instructions, but what’s this? You’re missing the proper equipment to make it. Oh no!

Don’t fret. There are some simple bartender hacks that you can use to make your favorite drinks with tools found in your kitchen. We offer up alternatives for some common cocktail tools in a couple of our Drink of the Week cocktails. These simple bartender hacks can help you get creative with what you put in your glass.


Use Measuring Spoons in place of a Jigger

Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Bar Instruments

What’s a Jigger? Jiggers are the basic hourglass-shaped measuring device used by bartenders to count ounces. Measuring spoons or measuring cups can work wonders in place of a jigger. This might require you to do a little extra math in order to get equivalent amounts. If you can’t remember that 1/2 Ounce is equal to 1 tablespoon, this conversion chart might help.

Replace a cocktail shaker with a Tumbler or Mason Jar


Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Bar Instruments


James Bond takes his cocktails shaken, not stirred. Shakers are used to mix drinks, and to chill them when shaken with ice. Basically, any container with a lid will do the trick for this, but a 16-24 oz Tervis Tumbler works great, and you can drink right out of it if you like. A mason jar is the real MVP of bartender tool hacks. It’s a shaker, strainer, and glassware all in one.

We actually utilized hack number two in The Nor’easter


No fancy cocktail strainer needed


Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Bar Instruments


A strainer does exactly what you think. They keep the ice and chunks of herbs/fruits out of your cocktail when pouring it into a glass. A tea strainer, small kitchen strainer (pictured above), whisk, or slotted spoon will do the trick in place of a cocktail strainer.


Swap out a Bar Spoon with common kitchen stirrers


Simple Bartender Hacks For Missing Bar Instruments


Bar spoons are used to stir together drink ingredients, and are elongated to reach the bottom of high shafted glassware. Straws, kitchen spoons, tongue depressors (Popsicle sticks), and coffee swizzle sticks work just as well, and are more likely to be in your house at any given time. Using party straws and swizzle sticks can add a nice touch to your drinks as well.


Lastly, know how to pour the perfect cocktail



You can use these bartender hacks to mix yourself up on of our Drink of the Week cocktails. You’ve Earned it!


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